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In addition to NIKE, suitable for girls fitness when choosing 10 sports brand

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In order to greet the spring with the most perfect attitude, you beautiful girl who is ready to start?In addition to the classic, but some bad street Nike, we can also choose what sports brand?Caring for you as you have collected 10 is suitable for the high level sports brand appearance, girl had they can let you increase the interest in sports and insist, as a beautiful girl of cosmic fitness also fashionable and CHIC!

Tory Sport

    Sports trend sweeping the fashion circle over the years, even the Tory 'Burch are getting in on the act, introduced a line of motion pair brand Tory Sport!Light as a luxury brand price is particularly lovely, but really special fashionable!!!!!Contains the tennis, golf, swimming and surfing, yoga and so on, the absolute is a high-end fashion off other brand several street!

running bra yoga bra

    In addition to our sports functional sportswear, and a series called "" coming and going," yes!You didn't guess wrong, specifically for sports wear on the road, you have is too detailed, beautiful girl is really beautiful fashion ~ all the time to look at how smart

Stella McCartney & Stellasport

    About designer Stella McCartney as everybody knows, Adidas by Stella McCartney's a super fashionable appearance, high level of Adidas sports series, the price is more expensive than other series!

sports bra running bra

Zara gymwear

    Don't be surprised you see in the sports brand fast fashion zara!How could so hot wind, zara not involved?The latest gymwear sports series, including the swimsuit, vests, sports pants, Bra and so on, color zara style design, color and design is very concise, the key price is very friendly.


    Before before the sports line of zara, its life brand OYSHO will have super girls sports series, OYSHO movement design much more special, new and fast on each season, color fashion personality, style is concise, sale super cheap, buy rise very convenient also.

Free People Movement

    The movement of Free People brand series continues its Bohemian style with sexual freedom.Mainly include yoga, surfing, dancing and running four series, series for you especially like dance, as if every girl has a ballet dream ah ~ ~ super XianEr, really intended to buy a then a ballet lessons, uniforms so pretty!!

Without Walls

    Urban Outfitters line sports brand, super street fashion is good!Many styles, some girl with lovely restoring ancient ways, discount wupan will get!


    Lululemon founded in vancouver, Canada, has not only a clothing brand, and evolved into a way of life.Lululemon shopping bag almost everywhere in the United States, the bag printed with encouraging words, such as "do one thing every day to let his surprise of things" and so on.

Alo Yoga

    Alo Yoga's classic style Goddess leggings under each star, it is really show thin legs are long.As on the INS of the most popular yoga sports brand, you can see a lot of domestic sportswear no style and design and color, wore them doing yoga is really perfect to enjoy a body and mind ~

Outdoor Voices

    Founded in 2013 in New York City is suing but, you will see that in addition to daily exercise in the gym to practice yoga, with sisters go out walking the dog belonged to is suing but advocated the movement of life, the sports into their daily "light sport".

Lucas Hugh

    Lucas Hugh is the independent designer brands, the style close to the trend, the design feels dye-in-the-wood, simple geometric spell the color and the design of hollow out let girls fondle admiringly.Especially Lucas Hugh sport bra, it is chic chic modern degree upup!No wonder so many stars like to wear too ~

running bra sports bra

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